BETONAMIT - The non-explosive cracking agent

The blasting material known as BETONAMIT belongs to the group of expansive cements which swell and generate high pressure when water is added; this pressure is exploited for smooth and controlled blasting: inserted in a drilled hole with a diameter of 40 mm, BETONAMIT generates a pressure up to 1000 bar. BETONAMIT is distributed at the present time in more than 30 countries worldwide.



  • no fly-rock
  • no vibration
  • pressure up to 1000 bar
  • no license or permit required
  • one product for all temperature ranges +5°C to +35°C

That's how it works

Cracking concrete with Betonamit

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BETONAMIT is a non-explosive cracking agent that can crack any hard rock or reinforced concrete. BETONAMIT is a universal product which may not only be substituted for explosives, hydraulic wedges, rock-breakers, and concrete-crackers, but can also be used in many places where other methods are impractical. Produced in powder form, BETONAMIT need only be mixed with water and poured into predrilled holes for dramatic results.


General Uses

  • Wherever vibrations should be avoided
  • Near Historical Buildings and Hospitals
  • Tunnels
  • Bank Vaults


Advantages and Features

  • SAFE — Above all, BETONAMIT provides a remarkably high safety factor as compared with explosives and other demolition methods. When used properly, both flyrock and vibration are eliminated.
  • EASY — No permits or special pre-conditions are necessary for its use or transportation
  • QUIET — Ideal for use in or near occupied buildings.  BETONAMIT requires no heavy machinery and involves no blasting
  • NON-TOXIC — BETONAMIT is a lime-based product and is completely safe for the environment. As it is 100 percent biodegradable in its final form, unused material may simply be poured into the ground or diluted with cool water.
  • ECONOMICAL — As the flyrock characteristic of most demolition methods is eliminated with BETONAMIT, little or no cost is incurred for dust and debris containment. Labor requirements for application are also minimal.