Simple. Effective. Environmentally-Friendly.
BETONAMIT® – The explosion-free cracking agent for the simple and targeted demolition of rock and concrete.

10 reasons why also you should rely on BETONAMIT®.

    • The Original: Stronger, faster and more copious than imitation products
    • Simple and safe to use – also suitable for DIY enthusiast!
    • Neither a demolition license nor other permits are required
    • Free and professional advice
    • Vibration-free, silent and without splitter flight
    • High-quality and tested product
    • Useable in both indoor and outdoor areas
    • Targeted demolition thanks to largely predictable crack formation
    • Not a hazardous product in regard to transport, storage & application
    • Storable for at least 3 years in original packaging

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BETONAMIT® is a non-explosive blasting agent…



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