1. Boring Holes


Borehole diameter: Ø min. 30 mm | Ø max. 40 mm
Borehole depth: The borehole depth must be at least 5-times the borehole diameter.
The boreholes must be clean and dry.


 2. Stirring


Important: Because BETONAMIT® contains unslaked lime, during the entire work process goggles and protective gloves must absolutely be worn.

Charge BETONAMIT® into a suitable container. Add one liter/5kg of cold and clean water to the mixing bucket. Mix slowly in the beginning. Mix it until “lump-free” by means of a stirring paddle for about 2 minutes until it becomes a homogeneously, flowable mass.


 3. Filling the Boreholes


Slowly pour BETONAMIT® into the boreholes. The BETONAMIT® subsequently hardens and corks itself. Additional mechanical closures are not necessary.

After filling the holes the BETONAMIT® slowly starts to build up pressure.
Depending on the ambient temperature and the intrinsic temperature of the object to be blasted, the blasting process requires between 4 and 12 hours on an average.

Tip: Betonamit continues to expand over several days. This means that the more time you give Betonamit to work, the easier the subsequent removal of the fragments will be.


Find here our detailed instruction manual and the safety instructions