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The areas of application for Betonamit® for concrete demolition are practically unlimited. It is possible to determine from the outset what the size of the pieces should be, as well as which direction the cracks should run in, through the number and positioning of the drill holes.

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BETONAMIT® is a non-explosive cracking agent which enables comparatively precise blasting without creating an additional requirement for special conditions or equipments. It features a very good storage stability of at least 3 years.

Concrete Breaker Solutions for Today

Are you looking for a concrete breaker that is both versatile and effective? More than ever, companies are opting for solutions that are environmentally friendly, non-explosive and cost-effective – like BETONAMIT® Original. Our unique liquid cracking agent is safe and simple to use and it's the ideal concrete breaker for all types of stone and rock – even reinforced concrete. Plus, with several variations to choose from, you're assured of the right concrete breaker for every job.

Why choose a non-explosive concrete breaker?

Traditional concrete breaking methods invariably mean heavy, dust producing machinery, gas pressure blasting, or explosives. However, as more companies strive for a greener profile, many are turning to less invasive concrete breaker methods like those you can see at www.betonamit.com. With a liquid concrete breaker like Betonamit®, the heavy dust and debris associated with traditional methods is a thing of the past. Plus, there is none of the noise and fall out, nor the danger, that is a by-product of explosives or gas pressure blasting. It couldn't be easier or safer to use Betonamit®; no special training or equipment is required, although, as with any concrete breaking site, care should be taken during and directly after application. You simply drill some holes in the base of the rock in a row formation and then pour the liquid in. Depending on various factors such as the type of rock, the outside temperature and the number of drill holes, this effective concrete breaker takes just a few hours to expand and create pressure within the rock. The pressure cleanly and soundlessly forces the rock to crack much as it would if conventional explosives were used but without the noise, vibration and danger.

An exceptional concrete breaker that can be used anywhere

In some countries, like India, liquid concrete breakers like BETONAMIT® are rapidly replacing explosives like ammonium nitrate which are a target for thieves. The Times of India rightly points out that traditional explosives like ANFO and TNT also create shockwaves that cause shrapnel to fly hundreds of feet into the air. No matter where you're based, it makes sense to choose a concrete breaker that is as safe and effective as possible and we offer a range of solutions to fit your needs. BETONAMIT® Type R is ideal for ground and wall rock while BETONAMIT®S can be used as a safe concrete breaker for overhead rock or hard to reach pockets. No explosives license or certification is required – BETONAMIT® is a certified natural product of the highest quality. And of course, preparation is simple and minimal so you'll save time too. No noise, no dust, no vibration and no dangerous explosive fallout, just a concrete breaker that works anywhere and every time.

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