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The areas of application for Betonamit® for concrete demolition are practically unlimited. It is possible to determine from the outset what the size of the pieces should be, as well as which direction the cracks should run in, through the number and positioning of the drill holes.

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BETONAMIT® is a non-explosive cracking agent which enables comparatively precise blasting without creating an additional requirement for special conditions or equipments. It features a very good storage stability of at least 3 years.

All you need to know about our concrete breaking chemical

All over the world, construction projects are opting for reliable concrete breaking chemicals as an alternative to traditional explosives. Unlike explosives, there is no danger from flying rock or debris, especially when a high-quality product is selected. In terms of quality and effectiveness, BETONAMIT is the best and most powerful product available today. Manufactured in Liechtenstein by KUBATEC BMT AG, it is the concrete breaking chemical of choice for European and international companies.

A concrete breaking chemical that you can trust

KUBATEC AG was established in 1971 and eventually merged with KUBATEC BMT AG, its sister company, in 2012. With almost five decades of experience, nobody knows as much about non-explosive concrete breaking solutions as we do. Our BETONAMIT concrete breaking chemical guarantees the safety of your employees while providing the best overall results. In fact, no other non-explosive agent compares with BETONAMIT in terms of efficacy and quality. It is trusted by some of the world's most prestigious construction companies - so much so that we offer worldwide service and produce our superlative concrete breaking chemical on a private label for several international clients.

What exactly does a concrete breaking chemical do?

In the past, construction site managers used dangerous explosives to blast hard to reach pockets of rock and concrete. Although it was an efficient and cost-effective method, many European countries had begun to question its safety by the 1970s. Not only did the initial placement of explosives carry an element of risk, the blast often caused large-scale vibrations accompanied by flying debris, rock and dust and the release of toxic gases. It was around this time that KUBATEC AG began developing and producing the concrete breaking chemical we know as BETONAMIT. Unlike explosives, the non-toxic powder is simply mixed with water and then injected deep into crevices in the rock or stone. After a short time, the rock expands enormously and the resulting pressure causes it to fracture and fragment.

What sets BETONAMIT apart as a concrete breaking chemical?

BETONAMIT is an inexpensive, viable and portable alternative to heavy and sometimes volatile explosives. The non-toxic powder is made in Liechtenstein to the highest specifications and complies with all current regulations such as GHS and REACH. We always keep a large stock of BETONAMIT at our European plant in order to meet growing demand and each batch has a shelf life of at least three years. Our world-class product is the first choice of managers from a diverse range of fields that includes general construction, quarrying and mining, road construction, civil engineering, DIY and tunnelling. Furthermore, thanks to its formulation, our versatile concrete breaking chemical can be easily shipped to almost any location.

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BETONAMIT is the ideal concrete breaking chemical for small projects or large-scale jobs and you can learn more at However, should you have specific queries, please feel free to contact KUBATEC BMT AG.

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