Expansive Cement, the solution for difficult rock splitting work

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Versatility of Betonamit®

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The areas of application for Betonamit® for concrete demolition are practically unlimited. It is possible to determine from the outset what the size of the pieces should be, as well as which direction the cracks should run in, through the number and positioning of the drill holes.

Silentlyand vibration-free

More about BETONAMIT®


BETONAMIT® is a non-explosive cracking agent which enables comparatively precise blasting without creating an additional requirement for special conditions or equipments. It features a very good storage stability of at least 3 years.

How expansive cement can make a difference

Expansive cement makes fast work of rock cracking and removal for construction or landscaping. Most of us immediately think of explosives or heavy equipment like jackhammers and drills when considering splitting overhead rock or removing boulders and stone in hard to reach areas. However, expansive cement offers a clean, safe and effective solution that's kind to the environment – and your budget.

What exactly is expansive cement?

BETONAMIT® expansive cement is a putty like material that is an excellent alternative to explosives and other conventional methods of breaking rock or stone. It's made from high-quality natural ingredients and, because it is virtually noise and vibration free, it's harmless to the environment. Soft and pliable, expansive cement is ideal for cracking overhead rock or vertical seams in hard to reach places where our liquid alternative would not be suitable. Plus, you don't need any special training or permits to use this safe and effective product. Many companies are finding that conventional methods like explosives are becoming more difficult. In many countries, their use is being tapered off due to the threat of theft or environmental damage. BETONAMIT® Type S expansive cement is the perfect solution. It is of no interest to thieves so doesn't require extra security and it can be safely stored for up to three years.

How does expansive cement work?

Almost anyone can use expansive cement and, after just a few attempts, you'll be able to pinpoint the pattern of cracks and tailor your preparations accordingly. BETONAMIT® Type S is normally used for overhead work and is almost identical to BETONAMIT® Type R liquid non-explosive cracking agent. The only real difference is that, after mixing, you have a pliable expansive cement rather than a liquid. Once mixed, this kneadable putty is pressed into pre-drilled holes in the rock or concrete that you wish to crack. Once each of the 'sausages' has been firmly pushed into the holes with a stick, you leave the expansive cement to work. In a few hours, an enormous build-up of pressure will cause the rock to split and break. Unlike conventional applications, expansive cement works almost silently. There is no noise or dust and no vibration that could damage the surrounding environment. Instead, you are left with rock that cracks in a pattern determined by the placement of the drill holes – after just a few tries, you'll be able to work out how to space the holes to get the rock to break into pieces of the size you prefer. The cracking always takes the path of least resistance and follows the drill holes.

More information on BETONAMIT® expansive cement

Our experience in rock splitting sets us apart and makes BETONAMIT® expansive cement the preferred product for contractors around the globe. There are many imitations on the market but BETONAMIT® has proven more copious and effective. See for yourself at www.betonamit.com or call us for further information.

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