The Advantages of Choosing Expansive Mortar

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Versatility of Betonamit®

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The areas of application for Betonamit® for concrete demolition are practically unlimited. It is possible to determine from the outset what the size of the pieces should be, as well as which direction the cracks should run in, through the number and positioning of the drill holes.

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BETONAMIT® is a non-explosive cracking agent which enables comparatively precise blasting without creating an additional requirement for special conditions or equipments. It features a very good storage stability of at least 3 years.

Can Expansive Mortar Save you Time, Effort and Money?

If you're looking for an efficient, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way to crack rock and stone, then yes, expansive mortar could be your ideal solution. BETONAMIT® expansive mortar is safe, easy to use and efficient and no special permits or licences are needed. Unlike traditional cement breaking methods, there is no threat to the environment, no shrapnel or fall out, and no noise or vibration. Take a closer look at some of the options available at or read on for more information about our expansive mortar.

So, what is expansive mortar?

A simple way to describe expansive mortar is to liken it to a soft, malleable putty. It's ideal for overhead work or hard to reach places where our non-explosive liquid alternative, BETONAMIT® Type R, might seep out. BETONAMIT® Type S is almost identical in composition but, once mixed, it can be easily formed to fit into holes that have been previously drilled in the rock at various intervals. It takes just a few seconds to prepare and fill the holes with the expansive mortar and it gets to work right away. Within a few hours, the mortar will create a build-up of pressure deep within the rock, causing it to crack and split. The more holes, the smaller the pieces of rock will be once BETONAMIT® Type S has done its work and, since the crack formations always take the path of least resistance, it's easy to direct them with a little experience.

Where can I use expansive mortar?

You can use this unique product almost anywhere that requires a mortar rather than a liquid. It is primarily used for overhead work and can crack rock, stone, granite and even reinforced concrete with ease. Since expansive mortar can be easily formed into 'sausages' and inserted into holes, it's perfect for hard to reach areas of horizontal rock too. Today, more companies around the world are choosing expansive mortar as a smart alternative to explosives or gas blasting. Not only is it much safer, its use negates timely applications for licences and permits or the need for extra security to protect explosive materials that can be a target for thieves. No damage is done to the surrounding environment since expansive mortar is a premium grade natural material that causes pressure to crack rock without dust, noise, vibration or dangerous fallout. Plus, using our expansive mortar as an alternative to conventional methods can save you time and money. Little preparation is required, compared to the days that you might spend leading up to a blast or explosion. And, of course, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that expansive mortar is exceptionally cheap when compared to explosives or gas blasting.

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