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The areas of application for Betonamit® for concrete demolition are practically unlimited. It is possible to determine from the outset what the size of the pieces should be, as well as which direction the cracks should run in, through the number and positioning of the drill holes.

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More about BETONAMIT®


BETONAMIT® is a non-explosive cracking agent which enables comparatively precise blasting without creating an additional requirement for special conditions or equipments. It features a very good storage stability of at least 3 years.

Meet the rock breaking chemical you can rely on

Since the 1970s, thousands of construction companies have opted for the efficiency of a rock breaking chemical in preference to traditional explosives. Of these, the vast majority choose BETONAMIT, the most powerful solution available today. An internationally recognised brand, BETONAMIT surpasses all others in terms of quality and efficiency. Made in Liechtenstein by KUBATEC BMT AG, it's the rock breaking chemical that foremen and managers across the globe rely on.

What makes this rock breaking chemical so special?

With almost 50 years of experience in rock breaking chemical development and production, KUBATECH BMT AG is the go-to brand for customers in Europe and further afield. Now operating on an international level, KUBATEC is able to manufacture its outstanding rock breaking chemical under private label for worldwide clients. BETONAMIT can be found on almost every construction site in Europe. Hardly surprising when you consider that, as well as being the most powerful rock breaking chemical on the market, it is manufactured in accordance with current safety regulations such as REACH and GHS.

How does a rock breaking chemical of this calibre work?

Before innovative companies like KUBATEC BMT AG developed reliable rock breaking chemical solutions such as BETONAMIT, construction sites invariably turned to explosives for difficult demolition or earth moving projects. However, as well as being a threat to the environment, explosives often meant flying chunks of rock and debris, vibrations, toxic gases and uncertain results. Enter BETONAMIT, a non-toxic powder that can be mixed with water just before use. The liquid is then injected deep into the rock crevasses. There is no need for close supervision, so your employees can maintain a safe distance. The rock breaking chemical causes a build-up of pressure deep in the concrete or stone over the next few hours. Eventually, this pressure becomes so great that the rock fractures and breaks.

What are the advantages of using a rock breaking chemical

You won't be exposed to dust, debris, toxic gases or flying rock and, of course, using a rock breaking chemical presents far less of a threat to the natural surroundings. Unlike explosives which are volatile in nature and can have a short expiry date, BITUMEN has a shelf life of at least three years. Its non-toxic powder formula is easy to work with and requires no special preparation or equipment and it can be safely shipped to plants in Europe or beyond. BETONAMIT also has the best yield per kilo in relation to comparable products and, it's an all-weather solution that can be used in temperatures ranging from 5°C to 35°C.

The high-quality, cost-effective rock breaking chemical for all your projects

BETONAMIT can be used to blast rock, concrete, ferroconcrete or stone. Made from natural, environmentally friendly materials, it can even be used underwater or in hard to reach areas. Learn more about the world's leading rock breaking chemical at www.betonamit.com or call us directly for more detailed information.

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